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Governor of Qassim testifies celebrate the Faculty of Economics and Administration International relying

Testifies of His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz - Emir of Qassim region - Gala Faculty of Economics and Administration Qassim University noon next Wednesday, corresponding to 04/17/1437 AH in the lobby of the university on the occasion of the college for international accreditation from the International Commission for the development of business schools AACSB
For his part, the price of the Rector Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Hamoudi patronage of His Highness the Emir of the area has to celebrate after the achievement of the university, he said: The care of the Emir of the region comes as an extension of the interest of the highness of the University and its various programs and activities, and honor His Highness is the culmination of this achievement, which is added the quality of college programs and disciplines, and especially as it comes from a professional before the international body specializing in the adoption of business schools is reflected on the quality of college programs and continuous development and improvement in accordance with international standards.