• Governor of Qassim testifies celebrate the Faculty of Economics and Administration International relying


    Testifies of His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz - Emir of Qassim region - Gala Faculty of Economics and Administration Qassim University noon next Wednesday, corresponding to 04/17/1437 AH in the lobby of the university on the occasion of the college for international accreditation from the International Commission for the development of business schools AACSB

  • Rector praises contents eighth forum for students of Dentistry Kingdom


    His Excellency Al-Hamoudi, the Forum of scientific eighth for students in dentistry and organized by the Faculty of at King Khalid cultural center of the center post 16 state and private as well as the 16 speakers from.

    Alawi eighth dean of and the efforts of students in the Faculty of pointing out that Ayesh touching college starred in the establishment of this scientific forum since its launch, praised the idea of ​​the conference, which is organized by the entire college students and scholars, stressing that the presence of speakers enriches this event and contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

  • team champion Saudi League Cup for the third time in a row


    He achieved the team Saudi League Cup, organized by the Sports Federation , after his victory in the last meeting, which gathered Bmentb Jawf four goals to two, to be crowned champions for the third time in a row before the end of the league two rounds.

    And it included a toll team  this year, "eight" wins and a draw and a single and without a loss so far as his remaining two rounds, "a foregone conclusion" after being officially crowned this version of the Saudi universities League 1436-1437 Season, which will be the culmination of the team trophy and medals, first place in the last meeting, which was collected by the national team at the 

    The team came the results are as follows: